Electric Aircraft Propulsion and How it Works

Many readers may be shocked (pun intended) to learn that electric technology will change the way we think about aircraft propulsion – and sooner rather than later.

The Inventors of Aircraft Component Rewind

Simply put, rewinding means reproducing & replacing the coils of copper wire installed in the iron core of a stator, rotor, field or armature used in a motor or generator.

Aerospace Machining Capabilities Demand Precision Processes

AEM’s extensive level of experience provides our clients & strategic partners with assurance that their high precision parts will meet precise specs. and performance standards.

The ABC’s of Maintenance: Technicians & Workshops

Servicing an airplane generator isn’t like simply pulling a car off the road into the nearest repair shop. There are many considerations to keep in mind.

How are Aerospace Generators & Motors Repaired?

Power Generation maintenance needs are different depending on the type of aircraft, how long parts have been in service, whether or not parts time out, and other factors.