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We have thousands of parts in stock to support our extensive repair offerings

From the time your job first arrives at AEM, until the time that it ships out, critical attention is paid to every single detail in order to fully ensure outstanding quality.

When jobs are first received at AEM they are opened and examined by our Incoming Inspector. The Incoming Inspector compares the part to enclosed shipping documents to verify that the part and the purchase order coincide. After a preliminary inspection of the part, a computer generated work order and tear-down inspection report is created, which includes critical tracking information such as work order number, part number and purchase order number. The company computer system has the ability to keep track of the flow of all items as they progress in the work shops. After work orders are created, the Incoming Inspector engraves our work order number on the part with an electric pencil and/or attaches a work order tag to ensure traceability.

Once marked, parts enter our tear-down and inspection department (TDI) for detailed inspection of tolerances such as bearing journal diameter, stator iron diameter, etc. The parts are then distributed depending mainly on the required repair process for that particular part. All items are always vacuum impregnated in one of our varnish tanks and baked in ovens to insure the highest quality repair or rewind. Every technician who comes in contact with a part signs the work order and tear-down inspection report in a space that indicates that the required work has been accomplished. Departmental leaders inspect other’s work to oversee quality and make regular notes in the company computer system to document the progress of repairs. Customer’s can directly access their part’s progress/status by logging in on our website. All parts are final inspected and electrically tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s identified requirements for return to service.