We rewind/repair armatures from small motors & starter-generators all the way up to commercial jet engine APU armatures. We have the world’s largest stock of aerospace commutators for every armature application. AEM uses specialized resistance brazing equipment to connect commutators as well as high temperature silver solder, depending on the application. Armature rewind and repairs require many of the components such as insulators and finger plates, and commutators to be replaced. Armatures are vacuum impregnated in varnish and then oven baked to ruggedize the windings. Commutators are undercut and polished. Armatures are balanced in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Armatures are inspected and tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s identified requirements. We provide rewind services and manufacture new armature assemblies for OEM’s around the globe. With our experts in engineering and manufacturing available “in house”, we can plan for every eventuality to offer the optimum service for your starter generator or motor armature requirements.

Our experienced customer service team stands ready to assist you in deciding which solution is the right one for you.

Component balancing