Rewinding or repairing your generator rotor can reduce the overall generator repair cost or help increase your spare parts inventory quantities at a fraction of the cost of new. Rotor rewinding re-establishes its original condition following failure or age induced wear, thus lengthening core service life. A rotor rewind always involves the replacement of the windings, including the entire winding insulation and spacers systems, thus resetting the “service life clock” for the rotor. After rewind, rotors are vacuum impregnated with varnish then oven baked to ruggedize the windings. Rotors are balanced in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Rotors are inspected and tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s identified requirements. We provide rewind services and manufacture new rotor assemblies for OEM’s around the globe. With our experts in engineering and manufacturing available “in house”, we can plan for every eventuality to offer the optimum service for your generator rotor requirements. 

Our experienced customer service team stands ready to assist you in deciding which solution is the right one for you.