AEM provides manufacturing and rewind/repair services for inductor coils, solenoid coils, and transformers. Using the knowledge gained from nearly 50 years’ experience, we can duplicate or rebuild most electrical coils, even if they are heavily burned or damaged. Our technicians use hand-winding techniques and/or automated machinery, paying careful attention to the quality of your transformer and solenoid rewind/repair. For rewinds/repairs, we use reverse engineering techniques to determine every replacement coil’s wire size, spacing, insulation, voltage and capacitance. Once wound, parts are vacuum impregnated in varnish and oven baked to ruggedize the windings.

Transformers and solenoids are inspected and tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s identified requirements. We provide rewind services and manufacture new transformer/solenoid assemblies for OEM’s around the globe. With our experts in engineering and manufacturing available “in house”, we can plan for every eventuality to offer the optimum service for your transformer and solenoid requirements.

Our experienced customer service team stands ready to assist you in deciding which solution is the right one for you.

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