Aircraft Electric Motors uses the synergy of our facility departments to process orders and keep our customers’ aircraft flying.  We are committed to customer satisfaction and quality is job number one in everything we do. Our Sales team quotes all incoming orders and communicates every work order detail to keep our customers well informed. Each technical department compliments and supports each other using our state of the art computerized work order tracking system that follows each part, step by step, as they move along in the repair or manufacturing process. The quality department oversees incoming inspection for all the parts used in manufacturing and repair, as well as all of our repair processes and final inspection. Our rewind and repair department uses their vast technical expertise to build quality in while ensuring that parts are restored to their original airworthy condition. The engineering team and machine shop personnel support our rewind and repair departments by providing data, tooling and fixturing support in real time.  Our 50 years of experience in our field make us the perfect partner to develop prototype concepts used in electrical power generation development. Aircraft Electric Motors manufactures sub-assemblies for major OEM partners around the world.