An Introduction to Aircraft Generator Rewinds. The Aircraft Electric Motors customer service team is frequently asked, whether at trade shows, via email, or during customer introductions, if we work on complete aircraft generator assemblies. To help customers understand exactly what we do, AEM’s Engineering Manager, Mr. Rocco Campione, explains each of the basic sub-components of  a typical AC aircraft main generator. Rocco provides a detailed description of the seven key components that, when assembled all together, make up the complete generator.  Aircraft Electric Motors specializes in the rewind, repair and manufacturing of all the various individual generator sub-components used for any aircraft generator or motor.

The aircraft of the future is about to take flight! See the video below. The increasing need to reduce carbon emissions and control environmental pollution are expected to drive demand. The penetration of electric components in propulsion systems is projected to enhance the power for take-off, thereby enabling the replacement of turbofans with liquid-cooled electric motors. The approaching adoption of electrical propulsion systems is largely attributed to the increasing emphasis on reduction in burning fuel, leading to a substantial decrease in atmospheric emissions and quieter aircraft. Aircraft Electric Motors is working with prime OEM partners to be on the leading edge of future aircraft electrification technology (VTOL).

You Can’t Fly Without Us: “The World of Aviation Maintenance” is a documentary produced by ARSA. The film was developed as part of the Leading Edge video series, which is hosted by former football coach and sports broadcaster Jimmy Johnson and distributed to public television stations in all 50 states. Filmed on location at ARSA member facilities, “You Can’t Fly Without Us” is a tool to educate key audiences about repair stations. In the 7 minute video, industry experts interviewed include former National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Mark Rosenker, AEM President/CEO Josh Clot and ARSA Executive Vice President Christian Klein.

Aircraft Electric Motors, located in Miami Lakes, Florida, is an FAA and EASA Part 145 approved repair station. We also provide manufacturing services to a number of Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1972, we are an independently owned aerospace facility with over 60,000 square feet of factory space and we employ 175 dedicated employees who support our extensive capability list. AEM provides services for fixed-wing and rotorcraft for military, commercial and corporate aerospace applications. We provide specialized service in manufacturing, rewind/repair, and machining of electrical sub-components for AC and DC aerospace electrical generator and motor parts, including rotors, armatures, stators, exciters, fields, coils, transformers and solenoids.

Innovators around the world are developing ways to move people and goods aboard a new breed of cleaner, smarter air vehicles. The age of urban air mobility is upon us, and Honeywell is on the leading edge. We’re applying our technologies in autonomous flight, avionics, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, detect-and-avoid systems, actuation, flight infrastructure and connectivity to the unique needs of unmanned aerial systems and urban air mobility vehicles. Honeywell is constantly investing in new capabilities and scaling proven systems to meet UAS/UAM size, weight, power and cost requirements.