Aircraft Electric Motors provides expert and certified balancing services for all rotable components.

Unbalance exists in a rotor or armature when the mass center axis is different to its running center axis. Usually, all newly rewound rotable parts are non-symmetrical due to minor variations in cores, new windings/insulations, position or condition of balance pin holes, parts fitted off-center, or machined diameters eccentric to the bearing locations. An unbalanced rotable, when rotating, wants to revolve around its mass center axis. Because the bearings restrict this movement, the centrifugal force, due to the unbalance, causes the rotating part to vibrate. This vibration can cause wear to the bearings, create unnecessary noise, and premature failure. Therefore, it’s necessary to reduce the unbalance condition to acceptable manufacturer limits, or below.  Aircraft Electric Motors uses state-of-the-art, factory calibrated SCHENCK precision balancing machines to achieve perfect balance on all rewound and repaired rotable components.  All rotable items are returned with an individually printed balancing report showing the unit’s exact balancing characteristics.