AEM Acquires Supertec CNC Cylindrical Grinder – PMG-60A

  • AEM Staff
  • July 12, 2020

Aircraft Electric Motors has acquired a new Supertec Powermaster CNC Cylindrical 3 in 1 Grinder, PMG-60A with swiveling head and 14” diameter by 40” long capacity. The Programmable cut depths, feeds and speeds produce precision products at a fraction of the time and cost of manual machines with shorter setup times. The Supertec Powermaster grinds inside diameters, outside diameters and chamfers/radiuses in a single process step. The Supertec Powermaster comes with an automatic swiveling B-axis on the wheelhead and can perform OD, plunge OD traverse , shoulder taper, and end-face grinding. A separate ID spindle allows for precision ID grinding using the same set-up. High performance CNC grinding capability achieves statistically improved part machining repeatability and improves our capacity in our continuously expanding machine shop offerings.  Improved capacity translates into reduced lead times for repair and manufactured parts processing.