AEM Installs Collaborative Robot to Improve Production

  • AEM Staff
  • March 28, 2022

Aircraft Electric Motors has added a Collaborative Robot to automate loading and unloading blanks and finished piece parts to and from our HAAS Milling Centers. Referred to as a “Cobot”, the device is a computer-controlled robotic device designed to assist our machinists. The system is basically a robot arm that runs a cycle, loads, unloads and inspects piece parts for our CNC Mills or Lathes. Integrated modular pneumatic piece part tooling is used to assist the automated system. A blank/piece part storage rack feeds the system for up to 24 hour continuous cycles that require no intervention. The set up features an integrated part inspection system utilizing Cognex Vision equipment that is capable of inspecting a multitude of key features and can stop progress if parts are not within SPC parameters.  The Cobot will be used to manufacture aerospace parts as well as support our aircraft component rewind shops.