AEM Purchases New Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M574 Manual CMM

  • AEM Staff
  • March 27, 2022

AEM has recently added a Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M574, Manual Coordinate Measurement Machine System to our expanding metrology department.The Crysta-Plus M574 is suitable to measure a wide range of applications from a simple dimension to complex form. The scale systems on Mitutoyo high-precision models utilizes a high-performance linear encoder (manufactured by Mitutoyo), for detecting axis position. In addition, various technologies have been utilized in the structure, part processing, and assembly to provide high accuracy measurement. Even with the machine environment and the workpiece temperature fluctuating between 16 ºC and 26 ºC, Crysta-Plus M measures as if thermal conditions were stable. Sensors on the Crysta-Plus M and workpiece record temperature variations and feed the information to the automatic thermal-effect compensation system, which then corrects all measurements back to 20 ºC in real time. This results in shop floor measurements being made to a level of accuracy only otherwise possible in thermally stable measurement laboratories. The Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M574 acquisition adds to the AEM Metrology Department’s production efficiency.